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Rothenberger showcases impressive selection of tools at ISH 2017

Rothenberger showcases impressive selection of tools at ISH 2017

The Rothenberger team were in attendance at the ISH 2017 trade fair held in March in Frankfurt, Germany, presenting new tools for installers.

High-power press machine

The Romax 4000 battery-powered press machine presses fittings electro-hydraulically with high power, fast and easily. With a constant axial thrust of 32kN, the device is able to conduct up to 41 per cent more pressing procedures on one battery charge than the predecessor model Romax 3000.

Installers are guaranteed that every pressing cycle is performed completely, as an automatic process completes the procedure after actuation of the power switch.

Tough press jaws

Using the Rothenberger laser-hardened press jaws, craftsmen can conduct double the number of pressing procedures in comparison with the predecessor models. The areas that are exposed to particularly high loads are partially laser-hardened with the Dura Lazr Tec production procedure.

These tools are therefore hardest in these areas – 40 per cent harder than tools treated with comparable hardening procedures. All the other areas remain ductile. Because of the hardness, the press jaw is subjected to less wear and continues to provide optimum profile accuracy.

One battery, multiple tools

In 2016, Rothenberger created a battery platform that permits craftsmen to operate multiple tools from the same battery. These batteries feature LED lamps that indicate the charging status.

The new batteries supply significantly more power and can be recharged again more quickly as the air cooling of the charging devices has been improved in comparison with the predecessor model. The Romax 4000 press machine and the Rocam 4 Plus inspection camera are the first products to be fitted with the battery platform.

Perfect storage solution

The Rocase case system provides four different case sizes, which are stackable and can be firmly connected with a click-lock system. In this way, installers can carry several tools easily or transport them using a carrying strap.

There are already Rocases available with the appropriate inserts for many Rothenberger tools, so that both tools and accessories are secured inside the cases. The Rocases will form an important part of the Rothenberger tool offer.

Key points:

  • Fast, powerful press machine
  • Shared battery for several tools

For further details, call 01536 310300 or email sales@rothenberger.co.uk


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