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Pollard's Pointers


Tim’s breadth of knowledge stretches across a wide range of products and technologies together with the implications and requirements of a sustainable supply chain. In 2008 Tim was included in the ‘Building’ Top 40 list of ‘Green Gurus’; sustainability figures that are considered leaders in their field.

The show must go on…

Having just participated in a number of industry events, it is interesting to muse over the way that the popularity of such occasions can wax and wane over time.

Because you’re worth it

When I started my working life back in ‘ye olde days’, before the invention of the ‘information superhighway’ (it will never catch on), business life seemed a little more simple.

Nothing to report

I am completely ‘brexhausted’ with the subject of Brexit, and the negotiations haven’t even started.

Stop, thieves!

Installers need to ask questions if they are offered kit from unknown sources.

Peer pressure

The vast majority of us are inexpert buyers of lots of the stuff that we purchase. How can we judge the quality of the goods and services that we buy when we have little or no knowledge of the market?

March against the zombies

We Brits have a tendency to harp back to how things were ‘back in the day’. Such nostalgia can rarely be justified – and certainly not when it comes to ancient boilers dating from a bygone age

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