Thermal attraction

Thermal attraction

Grant Solar Thermal technology can play a significant role in reducing energy bills, as well as improving the energy performance of homes in the UK.

MCS accredited installers can retrofit solar thermal collectors relatively quickly and easily, or they can be designed into new build properties too, helping to meet energy efficiency standards. Collectors can be installed using either an ‘on-roof’, ‘in‑roof’ or ‘flat-roof’ mounting system, and maintenance is kept to a minimum due to the self-cleaning glass.

Solar thermal technology operates from both direct and diffused sunlight and so is suitable for the UK’s changeable weather, achieving as much as a 70% saving in water-heating costs a year.

For ease of ordering, Grant provides these products in kit form complete with all the required components. Solar controllers automate the operation of the solar thermal system making ownership easy to run and stress free. The solar pump station has been designed with the installer in mind, incorporating a high-efficiency (HE) pump, air eliminator and manual bleed screw for rapid air removal from the system.

With many new and existing heating installations involving mains pressure combination boilers, a simple, cost‑effective solution to integrate these two technologies is a must.

Grant’s Research and Development team have also developed the CombiSOL, which enables installers to easily integrate a combination boiler and solar thermal. In short, it controls the outlet temperature of stored water produced by the solar thermal and directs the flow to either the hot water outlet or via the combi boiler.


Thermal attraction