Kingspan heats up its solar offering with Varisol

Kingspan heats up its solar offering with Varisol

Varisol is the world’s first modular solar thermal collector with no manifold – its revolutionary design uses advanced technology to deliver sustained, top‑quality performance matched with a lifetime of energy savings.

Varisol technology provides a modern and adaptable alternative to rigid manifold systems. This latest breakthrough in solar thermal technology retains all the benefits of the original product, Thermomax, combined with flexibility offered by its unique modular design – single tubes simply ‘click-fit’ together to create solar thermal collectors of varying sizes. This means it can be sized to the exact requirements of the end user.

The Varisol HP model comes with a completely unique temperature limitation device for system protection, along with dry tube connections for ease of installation and maintenance.

The Varisol DF is a fully pumped system offering multiple installation options, including flat roofs and facades, both horizontally and vertically. Suitable for domestic and commercial markets, Varisol collectors do not degrade in performance levels, allowing end users to benefit from long-lasting, optimum energy capture and savings. Along with low cost of ownership, this makes Varisol more cost-effective and efficient than ever before.