BioWIN 2 – the compact wood pellet boiler

BioWIN 2 – the compact wood pellet boiler

The BioWIN 2 is the smallest and most compact wood pellet boiler of its class on the market. Its bespoke shape was specifically designed for UK homes and can be tailored to meet all heating needs.

Requiring less than 1.5m2 of space as all servicing and maintenance access is from the front, the BioWIN 2 is the only wood pellet boiler that can fit into small, restricted areas and be installed flush to the wall.

This state-of-the-art and extremely durable wood pellet boiler provides you with long-term, hassle-free and optimum efficiency levels of operation.

Fully equipped with a high-quality stainless steel burner, LowDust technology and a unique self-cleaning function, the BioWIN 2 ensures a cleaner environment and a cleaner burn with low maintenance required.

The BioWIN 2 range is available in four outputs from 10-26kW and is fully MCS approved and applicable for the Renewable Heat Incentive.


BioWIN 2 – the compact wood pellet boiler