Testo measures up for accurate clamping

Testo measures up for accurate clamping

The flame failure device (FFD) is an often overlooked test procedure in both domestic and commercial gas heating devices.

For FFDs that use flame rectification as the method of operation, the engineer needs a test meter that can provide accurate measurement of an AC current in the μA range – a value that many test meters simply cannot measure.

However, Testo has designed the 770-3 clamp meter with the HVAC engineer in mind. The device has the μA AC range required to offer the FFD testing, but is also capable of many other commonly required electrical tests found around the commercial and domestic heating service applications.

Featuring both standard test leads for AC/DC voltage testing as well as covering resistance and continuity tests, the Testo 770-3 has a unique ‘clamp’ design, allowing simple measurement of AC/DC currents without having to break into a circuit.

As a bonus, the Testo 770-3 can also be linked via Bluetooth to the free ‘smartprobes’ app, allowing sight of the measurements on a smartphone or tablet, and giving the HVAC engineer the ability to document readings if required.

Key points

  • μA AC range for testing FFDs
  • Unique clamp design
  • Bluetooth link to smart devices
  • Designed for HVAC engineers

For more information about the Testo 770-3, visit www.testo.com

Testo measures up for accurate clamping