Stelrad’s LST radiators

Stelrad’s LST radiators

Low surface temperature (LST) radiators have been part of the heating landscape for several years now, but modern versions offer a number of new benefits.

LST radiators are key where there is a need for special heat emitters that are ideal for safety-critical environments – especially those that need to meet NHS guidance for safe hot water and surface temperature – in hospitals, care and nursing homes, and doctors‘ and dentists‘ surgeries, as well as sheltered housing, schools and nurseries. It’s a specification requirement of building designers and architects that the heat emitters in these buildings protect the young, the elderly and the vulnerable, who will live in or visit buildings such as these.

Low surface temperature radiators are clearly a highly effective way of guarding hot surfaces and eliminating the dangers of burning people who are in the vicinity, whether in their homes or in a
public building. Incorporating a casing that covers the radiator, providing a physical barrier
between the heat emitter and the people it is designed to keep warm, makes huge sense, and in most LST radiators the casing also covers the incoming pipework, making sure that any exposed surfaces stay at a safe temperature of no more
than 43°C.

Ideally, each LST emitter should provide high outputs through convection for outstanding heat performance and be guaranteed to perform to a maximum working pressure of 116 psi (8 bar) and conform to BE EN 442 – the European standard for radiators. You should be looking for each LST radiator to offer a minimum of a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

LST radiators offer a safe means of heating homes and buildings where young, old and vulnerable people, who may be susceptible to burns from conventional radiators, live and congregate. It’s a straightforward, ‘no-brainer’ response to a range of environments where safety is the key at the
design stage.


Key points

  • Widest range of sizes available including vertical models
  • Simple to fit – no special
    tools required
  • Clever retaining bracket holds radiator firmly in position.
  • Each radiator cover is finished in anti-bacterial paint for enhanced hygiene
  • Arthritic adaptors make it easier to control the heat level




Stelrad’s LST radiators