Myson merges fashion and function

Myson merges fashion and function

The Myson Décor radiator has been a popular option for customers over the past decade, and with its modern style it has evolved to become a stunning alternative to mainstream radiators.

Recently Myson has relaunched the original Décor radiator, adding a number of new styles and types to the already popular range.

The new Décor family includes horizontal, vertical, plinth and compact models, all in a stylish flat-tube design, in a range of heights from 155mm to 2000mm and lengths from 308mm to 2200mm.

With more than 120 stocked sizes, the range is one of the largest decorative radiator ranges on the UK market.

Using radiators as fashionable as well as functional items has become increasingly popular over recent years, and the new Décor range certainly lives up to this.

The original Décor tube design adds the finishing touch to any domestic project and looks great in a variety of different applications, as well as providing excellent heat outputs.

The compact Décor model is made of thicker steel and can work to higher pressure levels, making it an ideal choice for large commercial projects.


  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications
  • One of the largest-stocked decorative ranges, with more than 120 sizes
  • Compact Décor has thicker steel at 1.5mm
  • Compact Décor also has a higher pressure level
  • Available in horizontal, vertical, plinth and compact models

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Myson merges fashion and function