Much more than just radiators

Much more than just radiators

Many more projects are being designed with a perfect combination of heat emitters to provide a total heating solution, as Andrew Lowery, marketing manager for Myson UK, explains.

The first step in any project is to perform a heat-loss calculation, taking into account room sizes, available wall space, whether the walls are interior or exterior, ceiling height, number of doors and windows, building materials used and level of insulation. You can now perform such calculations online, using the Myson Heat Loss Calculator, and then use the Myson Product Selector to help you specify wisely. You may have some guidelines to follow.

In hospitals, low surface temperature radiators (LSTs) are one of the best ways to comply with NHS estates health guidelines, and these are also great for care homes, special needs schools, children’s nurseries and retirement accommodation. Dexterity TRVs can make controlling room temperature easier, and Braille  controls are available for visually impaired end users.

In design-led properties, designer radiators such as the elegant,  flat-fronted panel Plan Compact and Plan Compact Plus are excellent, as they combine great looks with  superb efficiency.

In commercial spaces, such as retail outlets and restaurants, high-level wall mounted fan convectors provide essential warmth, while freeing up valuable floor and wall space by using the space above doorways, sales rails or shelving units.

Tall, vertical radiator styles are also increasingly popular, as they add elegance and provide large heat outputs, while making clever use of less wall space.

Some grand designs may call for the heat emitter to be completely unseen, so underfloor heating may be the most practical solution in established properties as well as in new ones. Retrofitting is now easier, thanks to recent innovations such as the discreet, low-profile Microboard – a new fixing system that allows hydronic underfloor heating to be laid over existing floors.

It is essential to understand the benefits of the different products and how they can complement each other.  To ensure efficiency, every system should be fitted with appropriate valves and controls.

We receive a lot of requests for  help with system design, and 30 per cent of these now involve combinations of heat emitters. Increasingly, we are seeing hydronic underfloor heating being used on the ground floor, with radiators being installed in bedrooms on upper floors. In kitchens and bathrooms, the towel warmer is now extremely popular for towel storage and drying but, in smaller rooms, the plinth-mounted Myson Kickspace is also gaining popularity for its space-saving abilities.

It is essential to maintain quality throughout, particularly when using different types of product. Keeping to the Myson brand for all your emitters ensures that products have been designed and developed to work effectively with each other, especially as we also have a full range of valves and controls.

We also provide technical support services and unbiased advice on product selection, so we can help you to provide the best possible service  for your customer.

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Much more than just radiators