Mitsubishi slims down and speeds up heating

Mitsubishi slims down and speeds up heating

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new fan-assisted radiator that works superbly with either traditional or renewable heating systems. 

It delivers a faster heat-up time and lower running costs than the equivalent output double panel, double convector radiator.

The i-LIFE 2Slim is available in 1kW and 2kW models and offers a high heat output from 50 per cent less wall space (based on 45˚C flow). Paired with a renewable heating system such as an Ecodan heat pump, and choosing lower design temperatures, the i-LIFE 2Slim can potentially increase the payments landlords can receive from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

This new model uses copper and aluminium and holds about 10 per cent of the water needed for a traditional low-temperature steel radiator, which not only drastically brings the weight down but also makes the heat-up time so quick.

Key points

  • Advanced, stylish unit and one of the smallest on the market
  • Class-leading sound levels in night setting
  • Ideal for both new-build and retrofit

For more information on the i-LIFE 2Slim, visit or call the Heating 121 on 01707 278 666

Mitsubishi slims down and speeds up heating