Synco Living – energy saving made simple

Synco Living – energy saving made simple

Synco Living combines elegant design, simple installation and energy-efficient operation.

The range is ideally suited for use in small commercial buildings with radiator heating systems, such as student accommodation, banks, retail outlets, doctors surgeries and care homes. It can be used in new installations or for upgrading and improving existing sites.

Synco Living consists of a central control unit, radiator valves and actuators, room units and boiler demand control devices. Up to 12 individual zones can be controlled from a single central unit. It is a wireless system meaning installation costs are kept to a minimum. Commissioning is straightforward and can all be carried out at the central control unit.

Synco Living controls the temperature to +/- 0.2°C of setpoint and achieves a Class A energy efficient operation in the BS EN 15232 energy performance of building standards, which can mean energy savings of up to 30%.

Key points

  • Wireless system
  • Accurate control to +/- 0.2°C of setpoint
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Ideal for retrofit
  • Easy installation