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Core skill: coring

Core skill: coring

Being able to drill a range of hole sizes quickly and safely is a vital part of an installer’s role. Ian Wright, applications engineer at Marcrist, outlines how to go about this.

Coring is an integral part of many installations, and the ability to drill a range of hole sizes cleanly, through numerous building materials and without causing chipping or damage, makes these installations so much easier than previously used methods.

The Marcrist Cores provide precision clean cuts in numerous sizes, resulting in simple installation of pipes, for example, to pass easily through walls and floors.

Coring in the correct manner can speed up this installation process, and holes can be drilled in minutes rather than hours.

Following these simple steps will make coring easy and safe.

STEP 1: Inspect your working area, looking for any dangers. If any are identified, ensure they are removed or methods are put in place to ensure everyone’s safety. Use a digital wall scanner to detect any piping or live wires that may be hidden behind or within the wall.

STEP 2: Once clear to drill, mark the centre of the area you want to drill.
This will be your guide when positioning the core. If working above chest height, it is critical a platform is used.

STEP 3: Ensure you are wearing the correct PPE for drilling. Insert the pilot drill in the machine and, using the tip of the pilot drill against your marker, begin to drill.

STEP 4: Allow the core to drill roughly 20mm into the wall, creating the wall ring, and remove.

STEP 5: The pilot drill can now be removed from the machine, providing maximum effect from the dust control system.

STEP 6: Insert the core back within the wall ring and continue to drill until complete.
An extension rod may be needed to complete the wall, depending upon thickness. Carefully remove the core after drilling.


  • When coring, dust extraction is recommended. Dust control eliminates snagging and catching of the core during drilling and can prolong the core life by
    20 per cent
  • It is very important when coring that the correct stance and positioning is used, to ensure user comfort and eliminate the possibility of injury

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