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Plumb Parts
Welcome to the Plumb Parts magazine website, created exclusively for customers of the UK’s leading heating and plumbing merchant. Plumb Parts magazine is published quarterly and designed to keep you up to date with new opportunities and changes in the market. Sign up today to receive your free print copy or download our free tablet edition.


  • brchure Bathroom Collection 2014 out nowPlumb Center's Bathroom Collection 2014 brochure is hitting branches in May, featuring more ways to support the...
  • scotland Bite-size RHI courses come to ScotlandInstallers in Scotland are benefiting from 'bite-sized' training courses in the new domestic Renewable Heat Incentive...
  • Naturel Au naturelUS environmental activist has gone without a shower for a whole year. Twenty-seven-year- old Rob Greenfield (pictured,...
  • choc bath Bathroom sweetLove chocolate so much that you'd like to bathe in it? Well, now you can if you have a spare £80,000 to spend, that...


  • Tim Pollard Cost versus valuePersuading people to make decisions now based on what is likely to happen in the future is not easy. But it's a message installers must get better at delivering for the sake of all our wallets.


  • Breaking Bad Breaking Bad HabitsThe UK has no choice but to embrace renewable and energy-efficient technologies if it is to continue to generate enough energy for our needs. Installers have to play their part, too, by explaining the benefits customers can get.

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