Audeze Deckard

Audeze Deckard

Ever wondered what replicant hunters listen to after a tough day pursuing Rutger Hauer across neo-noir dystopias? Named after Bladerunner’s jaded, possibly-not-quite-human-either cop, the Audeze Deckard is a top-spec amp, designed with high-end headphones in mind, for serious sit-down music appreciation.

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Putting customers’ needs first will be more important than ever in 2016, and to get a clear idea of what’s needed thousands of Plumb and Parts’ customers have been asked for their views.

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“In the ‘noughties’ oil heating had quite a revival due to the low heating oil price in the early years of the decade”

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The Oil Firing Technology Association

Since then the organisation has faced a number of battles to safeguard the oil heating industry as well as embracing new renewable technologies.

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Smart Heating

Simon May, product manager at Drayton Controls, outlines how to install the company’s first internet-controllable heating product.

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